What does this look like to you? I went to a new (to me) restaurant over the weekend.  This photo is of one of the walls of the restaurant.  It was pretty funny to me when I realized it was supposed to be cheese.  Only thing that might have been better was if it looked like chocolate.  But it would not have been pretty for the other dinners to see me lick the wall.


Using Inktense pencils and thread sketching I created some pins to wear (or sell). It’s a little harder to get good results than it might look. I started with three times as many potential pins as I ended up with.


Here is my adorable and mischievous daily helper with his bow tie. We’ll see how long he keeps that tie on. : )


© 2014

Whenever I go to a quilt show that has some quilts by Pauline Salzman it seems inevitable that some of them will be among my favorites.  That is the case with QuiltFest 2014 in Jacksonville (Florida).

Here are two of Pauline Salzman recent award winning quilts along with a close up shot or two.

The first one is “Still Life.”






The second quilt is named “Crime Scene Investigation.”





© 2014

Our Guild has a challenge in 2014 for each member to complete their UFOs.  I thought maybe I would end up at year’s end being the only person who failed to complete a single project that was already an unfinished object at the start of the year.  However, I finally started working on them.  The one that was just finished is “Last Blooms.” The three center sections are made by drawing with thickened dye on a silk screen. When the drawing on the screen is dry, additional dye is squeegeed through the screen several times  across the fabric gradually breaking down the drawing until it fades away.  The rest of the fabrics are commercial fabrics.

IMG_0692Last Blooms


© 2014

“Nightwatch” is the newest completed quilt.  It was with me to sew the binding at the MakerFaireOrlando. However, I was so excited about the MakerFaire and busy doing demos and talking to everyone that I only sewed about 4 inches the entire weekend. MakerFaire was a wonderful experience and it has taken me about a week to recover.  Finally now I have finished the quilt binding.  I love and am still challenged by how to incorporate photos into quilts.  In this example the image is a virtual world portrait/landscape photograph.



© 2014

Two of my favorite things are combined into this newest mini quilt, virtual world photography and quilting.  Several virtual world photos were altered and blended in Photoshop, printed on fabric by Spoonflower, and then the layers were thread painted.  I named it “Dreamscape.”

Completed Quilt and Close Up IMG_0538med   IMG_0546med © 2014


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