Getting ready for MakerFaire has kept me jumping. This year the MakerFaire Orlando will be a full size event held at the Orlando Science Center on September 13th and 14th.  Three other fabric friends and I, under the name of Geeky Chic, will be exhibiting our handmade products and doing demos for the full two days. We expect it to be a great deal of fun.

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Besides me, Geeky Chic consists of Etta, Rene, and Yanick. We will exhibit a variety of handmade items with the common element of fabric.  There are items made for storing technology, items with photos printed on fabric, and others with themes including gaming, science, robots, and travel.  If you are anywhere around the area, I hope that you come by and visit our booth on the 4th floor in the Dino Digs area of the Orlando Science Center.


A hawk has been hanging around near my house.  A truly beautiful bird.  But when I see the baby ducks bobbing up and down in the nearby pond, I worry that they are the reason for the hawks visits.  I know a hawk can’t help being a hawk. What can I say.







When we were very young, one of my sisters and I had matching “Yes and No” dresses. They seemed quite graphic and modern for the time.  The Yeses and Nos seem so appropriate in a number of ways.  First they are among some of the first words learned by toddlers.  Then there is the ancient quote about it being a “Woman’s prerogative to change her mind.” More darkly is the belief by some that a woman means yes when she say no. However, when I recall these dresses we wore, I think mostly about the contrast of the brightly colored belts against the stark black and white fabric and of a child’s love of a pretty new dress.


It’s official.  I love chine-colle.  So far it is my favorite method of printing.  Just finished the last class of a series with Whitney Broadaway and this was my final print for the class.


All of this is done with several papers and black ink.  I would like to explore how this method might be used with fabrics instead of papers. I thought I might be the first person to think of applying this to fabric, but silly me, a quick moment of googling shows that at least a few others have thought of this too!



In the print class I am taking we carved a block in three phases, printing a different color ink after each carving.  The final print is on the left. I ran into a little trouble getting the black ink to print over the yellow and orange.  After experimenting with printing the block on white paper with black ink which it did easily, I conclude that something about the texture of the yellow and orange ink is preventing the black ink from adhering. Next in class we are going to try Chine-collee. Hmm, I only have a day to come up with my design idea.




Friday, I finally got around to watching the Jane Dunnewold DVD, “Design and Print Your Own Fabric.”  I was inspired how she just scanned paper, dyed fabric, and images on transparencies etc. to create her designs to print on fabric.  So taking only about 5 minutes I scanning  a mono print layered with one of my photos on a transparency.  This is what I came up with. But oh forgive how the color scheme above clashes with the one below!




Then spending another 5 minutes on Pic Monkey I came up with the following variation. (Pic Monkey is my new friend.)




Which version do you like best?




Our guild is making a quilt to auction to benefit the Orlando Museum of Art at the annual Festival of the Trees.  My blocks are finished and ready to turn in to be pieced together.  The blocks will form the shape of a Christmas tree.  I used light fabrics around some of the block edges to help the tree shape better ease into the background fabric. Can’t wait to see how the finished quilt turns out.

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