Life just rushes on without a pause. Unrealistically I always think there will be some time to catch up, but guess that is not the way it works.  So while I can’t take a break to catch up on all the things I need to get done, I can pause a moment to let you know what is going on in my life.

The weather is at that confusing stage in Florida. One day it feels like summer and the next it feels like fall.  I have actually had to wear a jacket a few times, but that does not mean I won’t be back wearing sandals again in a few days. Currently I have a few azaleas and a beautiful display of camellias blooming in the yard.


I had a great time attending the Festival of the Trees.  The trend in trees seemed to be to have a big topper.

IMG_7113 - Version 2


My photo doesn’t capture the complete loveliness of the underwater tree with one huge fishing wrapping around the tree from bottom to top complete with sea life and a school of small fish.


Our quilt guild designed and created a Christmas quilt donated to raise funds for the Orlando Museum of Art.

IMG_7119 - Version 2

Picking up my new computer I found the mall all decked out for the holidays. (My belated shopping has been online.)



I had the pleasure of taking a class with the talented Victoria Findlay Wolfe. She was generous in sharing her techniques and tips and it was great to see some of her work up close.



Victoria was curious about and took some photos of a wig shop next to a restaurant we went to for dinner. I persuaded her to go in the shop for a quick photo.  She managed to keep a straight face for most of the photos I snapped.


I am getting more serious about my quilting.  I will be participating in Jane Dunnewold’s Art Cloth Mastery program which is a two and a half year commitment.  The first week long session is in San Antonio this coming February, and I have work to do to prepare for it. I also decided to work on fewer, but larger fabric projects.  I am working on one now that I will not show until later.  I have been working on the design for around a month now. These are little sneak peaks that won’t give anything away.



All of these photos were taken on my phone.  Amazing how far the technology has come.  I remember not that many years ago wishing and dreaming for a phone, computer and camera rolled into one.  Silly me.  It is just an everyday object taken for granted now.

And the very best update of all is that this beautiful couple…


is making me into a grandmother.

: )

© 2014

IMG_7095 copy IMG_7088 copy IMG_7097 IMG_7101   © 2014

Last weekend I had a chance to stop by the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts at the Florida Institute of Technology and see the exhibit, Embellished: A Celebration of Wearable Art. I am so glad that I did.  The exhibit runs until December 13th, so you still have a chance to get there.

Here is a little taste from the four exhibited textile artists.

This is the incredibly detailed work on a jacket named Happily Ever After by Ann Clarke. When I saw this jacket I finally understood why working obsessively had the potential to give excellent results.



These shoes by Marina Dempster are named Immune. I know I wouldn’t want to get close to the person wearing them.  :)



Ruth Funk uses all kinds of unique materials in her wearable art including antique fabrics from all around the world as well as items found in nature.  Here pumpkin seeds embellish the collar.



And on this jacket Ruth Funk has used dried shiitaki mushrooms.



This beautiful silk coat is a wonderful example of the work by Kerr Grabowski.  I enjoy the colors, the mark making, as well as the transparency and lightness of the silk.



This is a close up of a silk vest made by Kerr Grabowski. Her pieces are so airy and light; really beautiful and wearable, inspirational.


© 2014


What does this look like to you? I went to a new (to me) restaurant over the weekend.  This photo is of one of the walls of the restaurant.  It was pretty funny to me when I realized it was supposed to be cheese.  Only thing that might have been better was if it looked like chocolate.  But it would not have been pretty for the other dinners to see me lick the wall.


Using Inktense pencils and thread sketching I created some pins to wear (or sell). It’s a little harder to get good results than it might look. I started with three times as many potential pins as I ended up with.


Here is my adorable and mischievous daily helper with his bow tie. We’ll see how long he keeps that tie on. : )


© 2014

Whenever I go to a quilt show that has some quilts by Pauline Salzman it seems inevitable that some of them will be among my favorites.  That is the case with QuiltFest 2014 in Jacksonville (Florida).

Here are two of Pauline Salzman recent award winning quilts along with a close up shot or two.

The first one is “Still Life.”






The second quilt is named “Crime Scene Investigation.”





© 2014


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