As January comes to an end, there are first dyeing projects and first quilts of the year completed.

Along with my art quilt friends I had an all day dye session.

I won’t “tag” anyone or even give a photo credit to protect the innocent.
The first project we worked on was wet cyanotypes.
One of the projects was low immersion dyeing.
And on top of everything else we did ice dyeing! This is the first time I have successfully done this and I predict much more ice dyeing in the future.
This was the first completed quilt of the new year. It uses hand dyed silks and cottons and is based on a photo I took of sunrise at the beach. Those who have seen the quilt automatically think it is a dramatic sunset. So now I am unsure how to name the quilt. Do I set the viewer straight identifying sunrise or do I go with the impression they have when they see it? I would love to hear your title suggestions.
This is the second completed quilt. I call it “Breakfast with Betty.” The process includes painted fabric, sun printing, paint sticks, paint markers and stitching.

Copyright 2019

One of the things I have wanted to do is to build my skills with various photo or art apps with the idea of increasing the ways I can alter and print images on fabric.  I am currently taking a great online class with Susie Monday which makes me take the time to explore a variety of apps on the ipad.  Almost every day a new app to play with!  Here are two favorites from this week.


(Above) Original photo of a sailboat that washed ashore after a hurricane, altered in ToonCamera.



(Above.) Another shot of the same boat altered in MobileMonet.




“Traverse the Universe” started several years ago and was finally finished last year. It is made from plain cotton fabric prepared with dyes, acrylic paints with thermofax screens and spray paint.  The three layers are stitched by hand with various embroidery and sewing threads. I assure you stitching through paint takes quite an effort.


Close up 1


Close up 2


Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season and wishing for everyone to have a great New Year!

This last year I have been more about doing than about blogging/recording it. And it has been an eventful year.

Coastal nature continues to be a daily treat.

sunrise.jpg sunrise2.jpg

midday.jpg sunset.jpg

Cooking is fun in the new kitchen.

frittata.jpg IMG_kitchen

Though there are always a few mishaps along the way.

mishap.jpg  broken cup.jpg

Traveled a little both nearer and farther.

IMG_artdoor.jpg IMG_bridge.jpg

Had precious visits to and from loved ones. Not everyone is featured here to protect the innocent (or not so innocent).  Some of the photos merely are hints.


IMG_horse.jpg IMG_francis.jpg



Had fun with friends…


Created crafty, artsy things, like playing with photo apps,


making pins to wear (or not) out of precut wood pieces.


Made some great shoulder bags out of this fabric but must have forgotten to photograph the bags…


Made a tunic…


and an apron…


and finished several more quilts…




dyed some fabric… some of which is in an art quilt that is days away from finished.


This year I also came to terms with the fact that my projects take more space than I have.  So I rented a little studio space where I have sufficient room for my “dry” studio activities.  (This means designing, drawing out my ideas, piecing, and long arm quilting as well as storing my stockpile of supplies. I will still be dyeing and printing on fabrics at home.)




The morning I picked up the studio keys I was greeted by a rainbow.  Seems like a good sign to me.  ;)


©Copyright 2019

I needed to make a mini quilt (7 by 10 inches) and decided it would be a good time to play a bit with abstraction. (I actually had to make the quilt two times as the first time around I mistakenly made it 5 by 7.  Wow is it hard to make all those little pieces for the super mini size. ) I took one of my photos and drew shapes and lines on it to create a pattern for my pieces.


I then selected a fabric which had a pleasing color assortment and used it to audition other fabrics to go with it.


The name is “Door # 30.” What do you think of the results?



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