The time has finally arrived to reinvent my life!  How did I arrive to this moment?  I am happy to share my adventure with you and would love to hear about yours as well.

I have worked all my adult life and this Floridian was fortunate enough to have had a position that I felt was meaningful and provided me ongoing opportunities for learning and personal growth. I was always so busy, however,  that I was unable to pursue my many personal interests and somewhat neglected my personal relationships that should have been my priority.  An illness was the stereotypical wake up call reminding me that we never know how much time we really have and the exact moment that we are in is the only one we know for sure we have.  The illness coincided with an incentive from my employer in which there was a need for employees to volunteer to leave so that layoffs could be avoided.  I did not hesitate. Here I am driving home from work on my last day, flowers loaded in the car and a big smile on my face. Yeah, I realize you can not see that smile, perhaps I am a bit shy, but trust me the smile was and still is there.

So now I can redirect the focus of my life.  My priorities are to take care of my health,reconnect with those I love, learn and assume the daily responsibilities of family, house and home, and pursue my personal creative interests.  This means I am going to have to learn how to do a lot of things which I have not paid too much attention to such as cooking, gardening and home repair and also that I get to spend time on my passions which include going to the beach, reading, quilting, photoshop, virtual worlds, and learning 3D digital design. It probably is not immediately obvious from this list of interests, but I am very visual and what I really love is design.  It does not matter if it is home design or a garden layout, the design of a quilt, photography or the design of virtual worlds, I love it all.  Those are the things that I am most likely to be talking about in my future entries.  Though perhaps I will also amuse you with my attempts to figure my way through the world of cooking which had been limited previously to one dish meals and gardening, which while I love to pick out the plants and where they go, my actual gardening motto could have been described as the “Survival of the Fittest.”

I am excited about beginning the next adventures in my life and would love to share them with you.