I have not had much time to create a new rhythm for my life as I left my job just as the holidays were starting and my first action was to take a trip to Seattle and Portland.  I made a point to visit a quilt shop in each city, Cool Cottons in Portland and the Quilting Loft in Seattle.   This week will be my first full week at home.  I don’t feel like I am accomplishing that much. I guess right now I am catching up on all those things we could never seem to get to before when both of us were working full time.

I want to get started on a new quilt project really soon to make sure that I am spending time regularly on creative pursuits.  So I have been pouring over quilt books and magazines. I looked at house quilts in various books by Roberta Horton and Freddy Moran and online at various websites.   I would prefer not to use a pattern, but to use some casual freehand cutting and let all the houses be different.  I am torn between using fabrics that are tropical or spring like (appealing in this unusually wintery weather for Florida) and doing something kind of retro, 50’s or 60’s looking. My thoughts are to do a small house block each day to get me back into the routine of doing something creative every day. After a two day search I have finally found the book that had the houses I recalled that appear to be free hand cut. They are in Christine Barnes book, “Color: the quilter’s guide.” There are two houses quilts in the book by Sally Sellers and a quick google search and a look at her website reveals that she is still making house quilts. Now I have also decided on which fabric scheme I want to use and here is my first block freehand cut and fused, but not sewn yet.