OK.  So it is a stretch to connect these two topics.  But I am doing it anyway as both of these subjects have been on my mind.

Today is a perfect example of what I like about living in a warm climate. After a couple of weeks of our own version of winter, it now feels like an early spring day.  It’s sunny, the sky is bright blue, and the high each day for the rest of the week is in the 70’s.  Mmm, perfect.  Our little dog, Iggy Pup, and I sat outside a while today.

I have been delighted that I have had more opportunity recently to do some reading.  The book I just finished is “The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.” You can watch a summary of the story by the author here.  I enjoyed it on so many different levels.   It is a combination of mystery, suspense, romance and historical novel.  There are two entwining plots, one in the late 1600’s and the over in 1991. The author, Katherine Howe, who is completing her PhD in American and New England Studies is a descendent of two women accused as Salem witches, Elizabeth Proctor and Elizabeth Howe. Besides liking a good novel and being interested in early American history, I am also descended from several women accused and executed in the Salem witch trials, Rebecca Nurse of Salem Village, Ma. and Susannah Martin of Amesbury, Ma. This photo of the Nurse Homestead is from the Danvers Archival Center. I am also less directly descended from the sister of Rebecca Nurse, Mary Towne Easty (various spellings-also accused of witchcraft) in that I am descended from two grandchildren of the sisters, Johnathan Russell and Hannah Estey,who married. So certainly the book had a great personal interest as well as being an intriquing and well written story.Towards the end of the book I was convinced that it would make a great movie and I was imagining who could play the lead characters.