I like to photograph antique sewing machines when I see them.  The most recent ones I photographed were in quilt stores.  The first one was in Alaska.

The second one I saw in a quilt store in Portland, Oregon.

I am also interested in virtual worlds and creating digital content.  Virtual Worlds provide me with one more way to design and create things without any mess or storage of supplies! This next photo or screenshot (below) is of a virtual sewing machine I created based on the look of the antique machine I photographed while visiting in Alaska.

I have also created virtual quilts and participated in several virtual quilt shows. Virtual quilts can be either based on actual quilts, be totally imaginary or be a combination of the two. The quilts in the photos that follow were based on actual quilts by a number of different quiltmakers.

For a while I even had a virtual quilt store with quilts, bolts of fabric, thread, rotary cutters, scissors, and cutting tables and mats as well as a collection of virtual antique sewing machines. I know that might sound silly or childlike to some people but to me it was a wonderful way to exercise my creativity and imagination.