I think I was a mermaid in another life. :) I love the ocean and everything related to it. And that is part of the reason that I love the design of this quilt which could be called from the bottom of the sea.  A few years ago I took a class with Didi (Dierdra) McElroy of Roxanne on Tahitian style needle turn applique and this is a pattern designed by Roxanne and her now deceased mother, Roxanne.

I have been working on this piece on and off for a long time.  The fabric is wrinkled and soft from so much handling over a long time.  The appliqued pattern, continuously cut from one piece of fabric,  is almost sewn down. Next I need to select the fabric for the borders, binding and background. Then I have to decide whether to hand or machine quilt it.  Generally I prefer machine quilting because it is so much faster to complete.  I have more ideas than I can possibly do and so by machine quilting I can more quickly move on to my next idea.  However, the feel of hand quilting is special and this piece may warrent the extra time to accomplish that texture.

Doesn’t this just make you wish you were a mermaid or merman swimming among the fish and the seahorses?