I am drawn to interesting patterns almost as much as I am to beautiful or unique fabrics. I have a reasonably large collection of them considering that I don’t use them very often. There have been so many great patterns in recent years for aprons. For example, I just love this Lila Tueller apron.

Every time I see another interesting one, I stop myself from buying it thinking that I already have too many apron patterns.  How many aprons does anyone need?  Especially considering at the time I was finding all this cute examples, I was so busy with work, I rarely did any cooking.  When it finally came time to start an apron project, cause I wanted something simple and fast to do, I discovered that I actually only had one old but never used Kwik Sew pattern.

I was eager to get started so I  decided to just go with the pattern I had on hand.  I picked view B since it had four pockets which created an opportunity to play with multiple fabrics.  I recall how excited I was the first time I put many fabrics together in one small quilt, maybe 48 or 52 different fabrics, and they all looked like they were meant to be used together. Later I made the following quilt using 2000 unique fabrics for the top. That has turned out to be one of the greatest joys to me about sewing or quilting, is the discovery of how the fabrics work together. But I digress.

So after settling on this pattern I needed to pick some fabric.  My left brain started out by asking what fabric would look good in the kitchen and with the clothes I wear, while my right brain promptly throw out all that input and settled on which colors and patterns were inspiring me at the moment. These are some of the fabrics that were getting me excited about the project.

And this is the final result.

I did not eat much for dinner.  Instead of cooking I  had been finishing up my apron.  Now my sweet tooth is acting up.  I saw a recipe for cookies that included oats, chocolate chips and dried cranberries.  I think it is time to put on the apron and turn on the oven and get baking. I’ll let you know if the recipe is as good as it sounds.