Yummy. I always thought cooking was some mysterious skill that I did not possess, but I can do it and it is fun as well.  I had joked around at work before I left that I was going to have to learn to shop and to cook. Someone kindly gave me a Barnes and Noble gift certificate so I could pick out a new cookbook.  The one I selected is the Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health.

I have a number of the Moosewood Collective cookbooks and  so I was pretty sure I would like this one.  I have tried quite a few recipes from this book in recent weeks and have been enjoying the results.  I am even starting to enjoy the process.  In my last post I mentioned making cookies. The name of the cookies is simply Oatmeal Cookies (p. 333) which belies the fact that they also include chocolate chips, pecans (substituted for walnuts) and dried cranberries. The other desert I have tried from this book is their Apple-Blueberry Crumble (p. 316).  I have made this three different ways to date, with apples and blueberries, with raspberries and peaches and simply with peaches. Any of the versions promptly disappear upon being removed from the oven.

Another one of the recipes I have really enjoyed from the same cookbook is the Savory Asparagus and Mushroom Bread Pudding (p. 207).

Mmm.  The dish is enhanced with the addition of eggs, milk, feta and parmesan cheeses.

Today is a rather dreary looking day outside.

But really, I have family in snowy areas of the country and I should be thankful I can wear shorts and sandals. My plan for the rest of the day: some sewing, exercise, and more cooking.  I better get started!