Not viewing Infamous (out in 2006) until 2010 is evidence of how far behind I am in movie watching.  It is amazingly well done.  By my standards it’s a pretty intense film (I am pretty sensitive, prone to shutting my eyes in difficult scenes), but the intensity is appropriate to the topic. I had seen and appreciated Capote when it came out in 2005, but I think this film is even better. My co-conspirator in this week end’s home film fest, who is a Coen Brothers fan, selected A Serious Man for its quirky dark humor.

While the film watching has taken a serious turn in recent times, reading has been lighter with Sophie Kinsella‘s Twenties Girl and meaningful with Richard Russo‘s That Old Cape Magic.

It is a beautiful day outside, cool, sunny with blue skies, headed towards a high this afternoon of 70 degrees.  I am torn between quilting (an indoor sport) or going out and enjoying this incredible weather.