My parents live on one end of the east coast with me living at the other end. Yesterday my dad asked me for the Mexican Butter Bean Soup recipe I had told him about on a recent visit.  It is another Moosewood Restaurant recipe from the book, Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special.  It is rich with onions, garlic, red pepper, corn, tomatoes, of couse lots of butter beans, and cheeses. You can top the soup with chopped tomatoes or avocado or add a dollop of reduced fat sour cream if you like. But the taste is so full and satisfying that about the only topping I usually add for taste rather than a little color is some sliced black olives. When I found out my dad was going to cook it, I decided to cook it too.  So even though we live far apart, we were in our own way eating dinner together in our parallel worlds. Mmm mmm. Hope mom and dad enjoyed it as much as we did.