Everything is pulled out of the closets.  Furniture pushed away from the walls, equipment strewn around. There is no where safe for my little dog. My house is being painted. I can not cook, or eat at a table, or use the computer at the desk, or work on a quilt, or do laundry. On top of it all,  I see things I do not want to put back into the closets or put back on  shelves. I like to see the areas that are freshly painted and uncluttered.  I think it is time for drastic change, for major de-cluttering and reorganization.  It is also gorgeous outside, sunny blue skies, blooming azaleas and camelias and fresh pots of herbs.  It is time for new beginnings, it is spring time and time for spring cleaning.

Tree trunk as puzzle piece

Deep color of azaleas

Thriving herbs

Camelia bud

Beautiful decay