Have you ever dreamed about fabric? I had been away from home about 3 weeks total over the winter/early spring.  I had brought dark clothing with me, which I ended up wearing over and over as I stayed away from home longer than originally anticipated. I started having re-occuring dreams about going into stores and seeing clothing in the most beautiful, light, flowy, silky, gorgeous colors. Clearly I needed to get out of my dark clothing.  I quickly bought some clothes in bright colors. Then when I was quilt fabric shopping I found some soft Italian fabrics which I loved.  I bought some in two different colors. I just finished using the first of those fabrics which is in white and purply pink stripes.

I used a pattern by Simplicity.

The resulting tunic.

It has great little pleats in the front which were easier to do than I thought they would be.  I like the little row of buttons as well.

A simple little stand up collar.

I love the detail of the roll up sleeves.