So what have I been doing you might ask, since I have been silent for awhile.  My excuse is that my camera broke on my last flight, and I seem to be unable to express myself without photos. Finally last weekend, after reading some reviews, I obtained my new camera, a Canon Rebel T2i.

This is a new camera test photo of Crepe Myrtles.  What do you think?

I finished the two smaller sizes of the pattern by Amy Butler that I blogged about previously.

I also took a great two day class with Rayna Gillman on printing, including screen printing using masking tape and glue as a resist.  The following are some of the results including some closeup views.

I used bleached muslin. After I screen printed the fabric I went back and used fabric paint to fill in the background.  It was a fantastic class and I anticipate using what I learned far into the future.