I took a one day class on fabric painting using watercolors and soy milk. The soy milk, which you make in the blender with soybeans and water keeps the watercolor paints from running should you wash or wet the fabric. You soak your fabric in the soy milk, let it dry, then press it.

You use foam board and cover it with felt, taping down the edges on the backside of the board, to be the support for your fabric as you paint it.

You take a line drawing of what you intend to paint, in this case a close up of a flower and place it on the support board you made.  Then place the fabric over the line drawing securing the fabric with pins. Trace a very light pencil outline of the line drawing on the prepared fabric.

The instructor had us practice with the paints first to get the feeling of the paint and the brushes.

Juanita Yeager is an informative and fun teacher who makes you very relaxed about the process allowing you to simply enjoy learning.

In progress.

This is what I ended up with by the end of the class.  Now that I have had some time to look at it, I can see where I want to go in and add more paint to darken a few areas and to add a few more details.  After that I will trim the composition, add batting and backing and use threads to  further add texture and details. I completely enjoyed this process and intend to experiment with it further in the future.  I’ll show you the pics when I have this piece completed.  Promise.  ;)