Pat Mink

Surface Design was the overall topic of the class I took recently from Pat Mink who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Design at East Tennessee State University. A considerable amount of time was spent in improving our (Adobe) Photoshop skills to assist us in creating interesting images for printing on fabric. Much of the rest of the time was spent in learning about what kind of printers, inks and fabrics work for printing digital images and how to trick the printer into thinking it is printing on paper instead of something more exotic (to the printer) like fabric.

Pat makes tricking the printer look easy.

I felt fortunate to share the class with a small group of interesting people who have a variety of experience being creative with fabric and to have an instructor who is knowledgeable, creative, and generous with her time and ideas. (And I still laugh thinking about how Barbara was prone to bursting out into song, specifically “People.”) Pat shared a number of samples of her work which motivated me to keep working to improve my printing techniques with the hopes of what I could do in the future with my printed fabrics.

The program at Arrowmont included great food (fresh, home cooked and with lots of choices for vegetarians), interesting evening programs with the teachers and artists in residence, and a peaceful campus.

The view out the car window as I drove to Arrowmont.

Several nights a week there are presentations by the teachers and artists in residence.

The campus environment is serene…

…except for the night of fireworks.


Some of my fabric printings.

The fabric studio and sample prints.

Some of the images I created to print on fabric.

These are all digital samples.  They look very different on fabric depending on the size of printed images and on the type of fabric used.  I will show you some of the fabric samples in the future as I used them in projects. I have obtained a number of books related to this topic, so as I read them I can let you know which ones I find helpful.  Also I have a new printer on order to be delivered today or tomorrow, which will make it possible for me to continue working printing on fabric. So stay tuned!

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