We took a Sunday drive to Tarpon Springs, a small town in western Florida known for sponge docks and the highest percentage of Greek American residents of any US city.

Scenes from the Street: All but one of the following photos were taken along Dodecanese Boulevard across from the waterway.

The food was from Costa’s on Athens Street.  We ate at a small table streetside so that our dog could join us. I practically demolished the salad, which had the best Feta I have ever tasted, before I could even pull the camera out.  And the desert, Galaktobourko, from a bakery on the main street, was so heavenly there was no chance to get a photo of it.

Shops along Dodecanses.

I could understand why the exotic outfit with coins was covered in plastic, but the water hydrant?

It was a burning hot day without a breeze and there was nary a sound from the row of wind chimes.

Sponges were offered for sale all up and down the main street.

The next two posts will include the photo categories of “Architecture and Signage” and “Along the Sponge Docks.”

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