I am excited about printing on fabric.  This allows me to combine a number of things that I really love to do.  I love quilting and photography plus I can include special topics that interest me through the images that I manipulate in Photoshop. The class I took a month ago at Arrowmont provided me with everything I needed to get started.  Then why have I not been doing it?   I started other projects such as these placemats. I drew out the plans, cut the fabric and have started piecing them together, all the while thinking of digital images on fabric.

While working on the simple project of the placemats I also ordered supplies for printing digital images on fabric and have been reading books on the topic.   What was I afraid of? Why was I not working on this?  Finally …. finally I decided to just start doing it. I worked on the images yesterday, printed them out today and hope to start the design layout tomorrow.  I am so excited!

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