It was a dark and stormy night.  Well actually yesterday it was mid-afternoon and a raincloud had just burst open. The door bell rang. Who felt like getting up and going to the door? Who would come to our house in the rain?  It was a package delivery via the USPS.  I opened the package in anticipation. It contained a note and a bag of wonderful coffee beans from my brother in law in the midwest. I had a sampling of this coffee recently and I loved it.  I loved everything from the packaging to the rich flavor. The Coffee is “Revolution Roast” by the Just Coffee Cooperative in Madison, Wi.

The coffee is described on the package as “Complex, Spicy and Chocolatey.”  What is not to love? The coop is worker owned and is focused on Fair Trade practices.  The full name of this individual flavor of coffee is “Revolution Roast: The official fuel of the revolution cycles.” The back of the package advertises that their coffee is bike delivered in Madison.

As soon as I received this gift, this sleepy, lazy, rain affected person had to quickly make some of this coffee.

And as I thought about sitting down to write this entry today, I , of course, had to make some more coffee.

Here are a few other of their coffees with great graphic design on the labels.

I can almost see you running to the kitchen now to make yourself some coffee.

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