I just returned from QuiltFest 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Tomorrow is the last day so if you are within driving distance you might want to get in your car and head on out.   The show is held at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center right off of I-95 in downtown Jacksonville.

Here a few of the award winners to whet your appetite. You can click on any of the photos to see them enlarged.

Arabian Mystery by Judith Heyward of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina won both First Place for Large Appliqued Quilts and overall Best of Show. The quilting was amazingly detailed.

Say It With Flowers again by Judith Heyward of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina won First Place for Large Art Quilts.

Portrait of An Artist by Pauline Salzman of Treasure Island, Florida won First Place for Small Art Quilts.

I just loved this one named The Great Crate Escape by Pauline Salzman of Treasure Island which won First Place for All Other Appliqued Quilts.  When I selected these four photos of quilts to represent the show I was unaware they they were by two quilt artists.  I did not notice that until I was posting the information online.   There were many quilts of many styles and it was a joy to get to experience them.

I also loved visiting the vendors, buying fabric and checking out long and mid-arm machines.  I also bought a few samples of deColourant Plus which basically seems to be a creme that you use with a stencil or in silk screening to discharge the color from fabric (or paper) at the same time that you also add paint to the fabric.

I have been looking out for a carrying case for my sewing machine and selected one from the friendly rep of Tutto in San Francisco. The day was a complete success.

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