So close but so far away.  I have finished the quilting on the project that has been taking me a long time.  I have mixed feelings about the quilting.  I like doing it, however,  I can’t live up to my own expectations.  But it is what it is.  I have to investigate if I need more practice, need a specialized quilting machine, like a mid-arm, or all of the above and more. Now all I have to do is the binding.

Yesterday I created binding and attached it by machine to the front side leaving only the back side to be attached by hand.

However, even though it has many colors of the quilt in the binding fabric, it doesn’t enhance the quilt and may subtract a little from it. Perhaps some of the colors are a bit too muddy.

So now using my trusty seam ripper and the last bright light of the day I am pulling out all the binding on all four sides; slowly one stitch at a time.  And I still don’t know what I will use for the binding.

I thought I might use one of the blue fabrics from the quilt, but then the binding would just disappear into the border and the background fabrics.

Here are some other possibilities.  One might be a bit washed out and the other might be a bit strong, but they do both seem to go with the other fabrics.  Maybe I should use several fabrics for the binding. I am starting to sound like Goldilocks; this one is too big and this one is too small!  But now the sun is going down and those little tricker treaters will be arriving at the door, so I have to run.  What  do you think I should do about the binding?