I attended the World Quilt Show Florida at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

The Best of Show was Tree of Life by Mark Sherman. It is an 85″ by 106″ turned edge applique interpretation of a Louis Comfort Tiffany window and a tribute to the quilter’s brother. My photograph can not do justice to the colors of the hand dyed fabrics and the amazingly detailed and beautiful stitched borders.

The show also featured quilts from a variety of groups, challenges as well as quilts from the 2010 World Quilt Competition XIV. Following are just a few of the quilts that I enjoyed.

Madea Escaping (plus closeup photos) by Marilyn Belford.

Deep Bali, Dawn into the Gamelan’s Sound by Yoshiko Miyamoto.

Warmth by Mitsuko Murakami.

Five Parts Plus One by Yuki Fushiki.

Solaris by Christel Pietschmann.

The Barrel Race by Lois Wine.

Widow of Kropa by Pat Kumicich.

Purplegator by Patricia Anderson Turner.


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