I have never entered a quilt show before. Tomorrow I deliver my quilt to be made available for hanging at at local quilt show.  The registration instructions included that the quilt should be in some kind of cover such as a pillowcase marked clearly with my name.  I knew I did not to fold up the quilt into a pillow case thereby wrinkling up the quilt just before it is displayed.  But I did not know what was standard practice (well and honestly still I don’t know).  I was unable to find any examples online using all kinds of search terms in google.  So I made up my own solution. I used some blue fabric left over from an other project.  I added a block, left over from the quilt to be entered in the show, as a name label.

I made the case into kind of a sleeve.  Both ends are sewn shut, however there is an opening the length of the sleeve. Left over fabric stripes are used as ties.

The sleeve ties shut very easily.

I have no idea if this is similar to what other quilters use, but I will find out in the morning when I take in my quilt to be entered in the show.

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