I have had my new Innova 22″ for a few weeks now, and frankly I have been intimidated by it. With my home sewing machine, a well worn Bernina, I simply thread it and put the bobbin in without conscious thought. It is an extension of me, of my hands.  However, the long arm is entirely new to me.  I decided I just simply had to make myself do something with the machine every single day to learn it and get comfortable with it.  After all you don’t go and buy a car and drive it off the lot as your first driving experience.   You get a learners permit, practice, take a test and then you start driving and eventually buy a car.  I have to remember it is ok to take baby steps.

I started my daily practice yesterday.  After a few false starts with trying to hold the instruction book, juggling tools, losing a bouncing spring on the floor, and remembering that leftie is loosy, I was able to loosen and turn the sewing machine head and see how to replace a presser foot.

Today I decided to tackle two small projects.  First I learned how to thread the bobbin winder and load bobbins with thread.

Above is the bobbin winder with two bobbins I loaded with thread. It was not hard to do but it was made harder by the fact that the bobbin winder is different from the one in the instruction book.

Then I worked on rotating the head so I could install a ruler table.

This shows the head rotated towards the right with the needle and foot tipped to the left.

When I had the head rotated to the side I was able to install this little ruler table, which still has the protective paper on it in this picture.

The protective paper has been removed in this pic.  I feature a ruler on the table so that you can see where it is.

After you turn the head back into place you use this manual turn wheel and pull on the presser bar…

to make sure the needle is lined up with the hole.

When the machine head is snapped back into place and the needle is lined up, you use a tool to tighten (righty is tighty)  the machine head bolt back into place.

I realize this post is not going to interest many of my non-quilting friends and maybe not even some of my quilting buddies.  But this is my week. :)