I have been working to learn my new long arm and to get it set up for some serious use.  I purchased Red Snappers, which came in the mail yesterday.  Today I installed them. I was very happy to get them after stabbing myself in the hands a number of times when handling my sample projects pinned to the quilt leaders. These plastic parts will snap in place holding the quilt to the leaders replacing the need for pins.

These are the parts dumped out on the floor under the long arm.

You screw together the flexible plastic rods.

And insert them into the sleeve at the bottom of each leader.

Because my frame is a little smaller  (8 ft) than many (10 or 12 feet) I had to trim some of the plastic rods. This was all pretty easy.

I had a harder time  when I tried to sew measuring tapes to the leaders.  Using the tapes helps you to find the center points on each of the three leaders for keeping your quilt squared up. My difficulties with this were most likely because I am still learning the machine.  I was having problems with the thread breaking repeatedly and with sewing a somewhat straight line along the tape measurers.

The measuring tapes will hopefully help me keep quilts squared up on the long arm.

The fun part of this big learning curve has been free hand quilting sample pieces. In the near future I will be flying out of town to attend several days of classes on quilting on the Innova long arm.