Did I disappear into the deserts or mountains of Utah? Are you wondering what happened to days 2 and 3 of the classes I started to write about?  I went to a wonderful 3 day training session on using my new Innova long arm quilting machine by ABM International and immediately at the end of the first day I came down with the most obnoxious case of the flu.  I missed all of the second day and dragged myself in for the third.  I was disappointed about missing free hand work, so Teryl kindly let me watch the day 3 lectures in between working with Tami on free motion work.

At the training center early on day 3,

I got to see some of the previous day free hand work from classmates.

Look how the green thread pops out on the purple background.

I learned about resizing a border and

how to plan for a whole cloth quilt.

One of my class mates prepares her whole cloth,

while I happily work on the free hand exercises.


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