It was a great experience traveling to Utah (trying to forget the flu part of the trip that threatens to overwhelm my memories of it).  In the first day of class when we introduced ourselves we were supposed to tell a few facts and something memorable as well.  No matter what impression I may have made during the introductions, I am afraid I will be remembered as the one who got really sick.

The environment was so different to me with the earthy tans and browns, snow covered mountains in the distance, c and w music playing, and big cowboy hats.

The pictures that I took with a small borrowed camera can not possibly do justice to the immenseness, the scale, the grandeur of the landscape both natural and man-made. (OK I am retracting the word grandeur for the man-made parts of the landscape.) The following photos were all taken out of the car window on the drive from St. Georges, Utah, through a corner of Arizona, and to the airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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