Our branch of the Modern Quilt Guild decided to participate with other chapters in the Robert Kaufman fabric challenge.  We received charm pacs of solid colors to use.

We decided not to reveal the results until our Sew-cial in March. The following photo is some of our other projects we shared at our Sew-cial.

I blogged about my project only showing a tiny sneak peak in It’s a Secret. It was the first project that I quilted on my new Innova long arm machine (22 ” on 10 ” frame for those of you who like to know that sort of detail).

Below I am showing it off on the dining room table. While I think it looks fine, I really had a lot of problems with it.  For one, I seem to be challenged doing the corners on binding.  You would think I had that down by now.  The corners have too much fabric in them to be great in my opinion.  But the hardest part for me was using colors that are not my favorite and in all solids.  I don’t plan on doing an all solids project again.  For me a lot of the pleasure comes in taking as many colors and prints as I can and making them work well together.

This is our Robert Kaufman project table at our Sew-cial.

Among my favorites are the hat and

the cat. :)

If the colors in my challenge quilt sing to you and you think who cares about wonky corners I want that thing on my wall or my table, tell me so in the comments. I will happily mail it to the first person (in continental US who will provide an address) who tells me in comments section that they have to have it.

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