One of my quilting buddies, Michele,  has a thing for selvages.  She collects them, she makes things with them, she collects them, she blogs about them and did I say she collects them?  She is developing a reputation.  :)  Guild members bring them to her at meetings and workshops.   She is not alone in her, shall I call it, obsession.  Jacquie of Tall Grass Prairie did a wonderful SpiderWeb quilt with selvages. On the Selvage Blog you can see collected examples of chairs, lampshades, skirts, and quilts made with selvages. Karen Griska has a website devoted to selvages as well as has a 2008 American Quilters Society book Quilts from the Selvage Edge.

In our Unruly Quilting workshop yesterday, Michele, really made me laugh.  I looked over at her and realized she was wearing selvage hair ribbons. I hereby dub Michele Queen of the Selvedge Salvagers.

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