Here are a few snippets or mini updates on life and quilting.

I have been able to see Sean in little bits and pieces of time between his inking book illustrations with a short deadline, performing in a festival in Seattle and playing music for a theatre production at the Fringe Festival in Orlando.

My landscape quilt project is the hardest thing I am working on, and it is moving very slowly. Each panel is being done with a different method.  The one of the left uses fused fabrics and the one of the right is pieced squares with a watercolor effect. These 2 panels are backgrounds without trees, flowers and lanterns added to them yet.  I may continue the process of working on the background for all 5 panel pieces before adding the focal details.

Picking out the fabrics for the spiderweb quilt and seeing how the secondary pattern develops after I start putting the blocks together is the exciting part. But now piecing the 144 rectangles that make up the 36 blocks starts to get tedious after the first few blocks. I have about 98 rectangles completed and 46 to go.

The 3rd project I am working on is the sealife quilt.  The top is hand appliqued and it is the 2nd quilt I have put on my Innova, 22 inch, longarm.  I am still adapting to the new machine and so sometimes what should be little things feel more like bigger challenges.  Yesterday when I was quilting on the sealife project, I ran out of bobbin thread.  So I put off until today what needed to be done. I had to move the cone of thread (since I only have one cone of the thread I selected for the quilt) over to the bobbin winder and wind a few bobbins; not too many so I would have enough thread for the top.

Close up of the bobbin winder in action.

Then while I had to bobbin area open, I brushed out all the lint from the thread and oiled the bobbin area.

I also oiled the thread tension.  (When this quilt is finished I will add the new thread tension assembly that will never need oiling.)  Then I had to rethread the machine. Actually this all turned out to be quite easy.  It is kind of like filling your car with gas or checking the pressure in your tires. It is only the first few times that you have to really pay attention and think about what you are doing. Then it becomes an automatic routine.

I am free hand machine quilting the Sealife quilt and am attempting to have some of areas look like the movement of water.

The center area of the quilt has been most challenging. I have to keep starting and stopping as I am working in many small enclosed spaces. Of course when I look at my work close up I can see many tiny details I am not satisfied with, but I have to start somewhere to learn.

Now instead of telling you about the things I am working on, I better get moving on some of these projects.  Or I won’t have anything to tell you about anytime soon.  :)

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