Progress report and fantasy don’t sound like they belong in the same discussion, however, this is an update on my fantasy landscape quilt. I first introduced the plan to work on a fantasy landscape with a fellow quilter last spring.  I have given a few updates along the way, but have worked intensely on this the last few weeks.

These are my five finished panels.

Before all the panels were complete and without showing each other our work to date, my project partner and I agreed to trade panels 3 and 5 (counting left to right). 2 and 4 would have seemed like the obvious ones to trade, however, my friend was struggling with the 2nd panel and I was going to have to do the 4th one over again.

These are the two beautiful panels I received in exchange.

My color palate was more muted and so I added some darker, brighter green and brown fabrics to the two panels to the left to balance out the traded panels.  It did work to make my panels blend well with my friends panel number 3, however the 5th panel still stood out on its own too much.

I really did not want to alter my friends work at all, but at the same time I wanted the quilt to be succesful and I could not see how to make the last panel fit in better without altering it in some way.  In the end I simply added two strips of fabric at a slight angle which helped break up the heavy vertical green lines.

So now I need to add the backing and batting, do the quilting and add the binding.Since I will be busy the next two weeks learning about printing on fabric, the quilting will just have to wait. But meanwhile my friend and I will be exhibiting our digital versions of our quilts in a virtual world quilt show with a nature theme.

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