I have been away studying constructed and deconstructed printing with two great teachers.  I have been having a wonderful time and will write much more about all that later. As part of class yesterday we went to the White Oak Flats Cemetery, established in 1830, and did wax rubbings of some of the headstones. The cemetery was on the side of a hill overlooking the backs of businesses on the main strip through town.

Of course you can’t help thinking about the lives of those who were buried in the graveyard; about the families of those who died and were born on the same day or those who had only a few short weeks between their dates of birth and death as well as about those who managed to survive many decades.  Some head stones were large and elaborate while other people were buried with only their initials on the stones. Undoubtedly there were plenty of other residents who are buried there with no stone at all.  I could not help but to imagine the hopes and fears of all those who lived and died in this one place on earth.

I was glad for the reminder to appreciate the moment and to include play and heart and connection to others as an integral part of my life.

While it was not a sad occasion for me as a visitor with no ties to anyone buried there, the quote “Sorrows are like tall angels with star-crowns in their hair” by Margery Eldredge Howell seemed appropriate.

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