Kathy and I met in a virtual world, and during the four plus years we have known each other, we have worked together on quilts both virtual and real.  Our latest endeavor is the fantasy quilt which I have written about on and off over the last few months.  Our deadline to complete the project was August 1st so that we could display each of our fantasy quilts in Second Life in a virtual quilt show which we named “Meta-Landscaping with Friends.”  Each quilt in the exhibit in some way relates to nature.

The official opening of the exhibit at Ozland Art Gallery was held on August 2nd and the exhibit is open for the month of August.

My friend made her avatar’s dress for the opening from a texture of her quilt.

Various friends and acquaintances joined us for the opening.

A look at some of my quilts and

…and at some of Kathy’s quilts.

We have a number of versions of our fantasy quilts on display, so you have to visit if you want to see all the variations!

Llola and Sven own and operate the islands at Ozland where there is dancing, mermaids and  boating in addition to the art gallery.  Llola is the hostess for the art exhibits and also for the Wednesday story meetings.

Each month, one of the art works on display is used as an inspiration for poems and stories which are read out loud to the attendees as well as posted online.

Here we are socializing after the lastest story night.

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