I just got back from a two week class at Arrowmont with Wendy Huhn and Kerr Grawbowski (with student assistant Vern Bowen.) The class was “Bridging the Gap: Constructed and Deconstructed Screen Printing.”  What a fun and amazing opportunity to learn about using dyes, photo emulsion, foils, discharge and assorted media such as water soluable pastels.

One of the first warm up activities was to pair up with another student and do quick portraits. Utilizing curved dental syringes, we drew portrait outlines in dye on the screen and when the screen was dry we squeeged in the background colors. The following is my portrait of my partner including her sunglasses pushed up on her head.  It is followed by her portrait of me. She said I was “all about the blonde hair.”

I am guessing that she added the decorative border with water soluable pastels and either a stencil or a texture.

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