The post man came and delivered three packages. Before I could photograph them, a storm rushed in along with UPS and another package.  Four in one day, what riches!

I watched the rain from the door.

I watched the rain from the window.

I opened the door to get the biggest experience of rain without actually going outside.

The connection to the satellite t.v. was lost.

But who cares with four packages to open?

I was excited to get the new product from Gelli Arts which lets you do gelatin printing without gelatin.  It looks so much easier and as to what gelatin is made up of well that is a whole other topic.


I also received some thermofax supplies in anticipation of my new thermofax machine which should be shipped in the next week or so.

I also received four books for information and inspiration in the world of fabrics and printing. They are:

Designing and Printing Textiles by June Fish

Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design for Fabric by Jane Dunnewold

Dyeing and screen-printing on textiles by Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor

Contemporary Textiles: the fabric of fine art by Black Dog Publishing

Rain? What rain?

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