I had just loaded a quilt to the long arm when UPS rang the doorbell. Another package.

I had trouble getting the package into the door and lifted up where I could work on it.  I say work on it, because it was so well wrapped that it was difficult to get it opened.

When I opened the box there was another box inside carefully padded top, bottom and on all four sides with bubble wrap.

Yay!  It’s my new thermofax machine!  After getting it opened I went back to my quilt.  I was having tension problems getting my machine set up.  The top and bottom threads were at war and it was looking nasty with tracks and eyelashes on the under side of the test strip.  I was also at tug of war with myself.  I wanted to work on the quilt.  I wanted to read the instruction manual and test the thermofax.  But I wanted to work on the quilt.

I solved the tug of war between the top and bottom threads and did one area of quilting; just enough to know it was working smoothly.

By then it was time to cook dinner, but oh I have such fun things to look forward to!

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