I have a stack of things that I want to work on, but instead I decided to first work on two things I committed to doing.  They are both related to the Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge.  In our guild each participant is to make two things,  an individual block 8.5 10.5 by 8.5 10.5 unfinished, to be used in a charity quilt plus a second small project totally of our own choosing.  The only restriction is that we are to use the Jay McCarroll fabric adding only solids.

I finished my individual block using the instructions for making house blocks that we are using for our October Block of the Month. I am satisfied with how it turned out, but I had several false starts because of math errors before I decided to utilize directions.  Soon I hope to finish the second small project for which I have two different simple ideas marinating. I need to get it done because I have stacks of other fabric that keep calling me by name.