At our quilt guild meeting today, I won the door prize which is a copy of the book, “Pretty in Patchwork, Doll Quilts: 24 Little Quilts to Piece, Stitch, and Love” by Cathy Gaubert. While I am not planning on making doll quilts, the quilts in the book would all make fresh and colorful wall hangings.  The next quilt I will start is going to be an enlarged version of a combination of two of the quilts, Forestopia by John Q. Adams and Scrappy Asterisks by Amanda Carestio. I even went as far as to purchase some fabrics for this quilt today.  The following picture includes the purchased fabrics as well as some from my existing stash that I think go well with the purchased ones. The trick will be can I work on one quilt all the way through to the end or will I end up starting and juggling several projects at one time.  What do you think I will do?

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