The Mancuso World Quilt Show, Florida III was held at the Palm Beach Convention Center November 10-12, 2011.

One of the guilds I belong to chartered a bus to take us. It was fun spending the day with others who share the same enthusiasm, and it was great to met quilters whose work I had admired in the past. We had beautiful weather for our trip to South Florida from clear sunny skies to a beautiful sunset.

Heidi Farmer demonstrated ABM Innova’s soon to be released Pantovision, which promises to make using and resizing pantographs pretty simple. You can’t see the software on the tablet screen in the photos, however on it you have a menu of your funtion options and it provides the image of the pantograph for you to trace.

One of the things I purposefully looked for at the show was the use of photos in quilts.  Unless the artist specifies you don’t usually know if the images were printed directly on fabric or if they are transferred to the fabric after printing.

There were a number of quilts that used photos as part of memory quilts or family history quilts. The one above, “Alzeimer’s Takes It All” by Mickie McCormic (Klamath Falls, Oregon”, I found to be especially effective. It is part of SAQA’s Layers of Memory Challenge. The technique is inkjet transfer on damask.

A number of the photo quilts included photos of houses or floor plans. “Residential Area” is by Renate Guetlein (Germany).

“Time Travelers: Tower Theater, Tiamiami Trail or TTTT” by Bonnie Dubbin Askowitz uses digitally enhanced images.

There were 5 or 6 quilts that use newspapers as digital images. This close up (sorry I did not get a good shot of the entire quilt) of “Summer in the City” by Janine Ayres (United Kingdom) is one of the examples.

Another example of the use of headlines, which is more apparent in the close up photo,  is in “Sound of Ensemble” by Taeko Okamatsu (Japan).

This SAQA Layers of Memory Quilt, “Under the Watchful Eye of Queen, Charlotte II” by Deborah M. Langsam so effectively uses a multitude of tiny images to make up the greater image that is did not really sink in until after I left the show. You can see a close up of some of the images on Langsam’s blog.

A simple but highly effective use of a photograph is the use of an image of a garden sculpture by Phyllis Goffe (West Palm Beach, Florida) in her “In My Garden”.

This last example of using a digital image (in a another SAQA Layers of Memory quilt) is “Dream Music” by Jennifer Day (SantaFe, New Mexico.) It is different from the others in that you don’t see the image.  It is printed on on Belgian  linen, layered with canvas and batting and then completed with free motion quilting over the image.

More on the World Quilt Show coming soon…

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