The Best In Show went to Lynn Peck-Collins (New Bern, North Carolina) for “Jacobean Jewel Star.” Here are two close ups.

Some of the quilts I enjoyed for their simple but striking graphic designs such as the two that follow.

“Florida Beauties and Whirling Lizards” by LaVeda Longfellow Myers

“Jump for Joy” by Tracey Pereira (United Kingdom)

Others are interesting for their thread painting or quilting, for the complexity of design or use of color.

Some of the ones that especially caught my attention:

“Brown Pelicans” by Janine Ward

“Forrest Flowers” by Michele Sanandajian (Jensen Beach, Florida)

“Devine Lily” by Michele Sanandajian (Jensen Beach, Florida)

“Welcome” by Gretchen Jolles (St. Johns, Florida)

This was one of my favorites.  I also loved the quilt, “Waiting”, Gretchen Jolles entered in the recent Jacksonville Quilt  show.

“Silver River Serenity” by Jean Freestone (Osprey, Florida)

“Among the Hills of Galilee” by Shani Leser (Israel)

“All Roads Lead to Jerusalem” by Shani Leser (Israel)

“Informal Settlement” by Roy Starke (South Africa)

“Rift” by Sue Dennis (Australia)

“Greek Fossils” by Ferret (United Kingdom)

“Persephone Rising” by Marily Belford (Chenango Forks, New York)

“Look at Those Flowers” by the Village Quilters (South Africa)

” A Twisted Anthology” by Tricia Alcorn

I did not get a good photo of the entire quilt, but it was so unique I wanted to give you some kind of impression of the whole as well as share a few closeups.

“Mighty Departure” by Sadako Negishi (Japan)

“Sisterwood” by Kay D. Haerland (Australia)

“Flower Raft” by Kazue Tukayama (Japan)

“Whispering Nature in Fantasy” by Mihoko Tanaka (Japan)

“Alberta Rockies #2” by Patti Morris (Canada)

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