Saturday was totally a play day.  I experimented with deColourant Plus, inks, paints and thermofax screens.

I used the thermofax screens made from my photographs to pull either paint or deColourant Plus onto the fabric. The deColourant Plus first removes the color from the fabric and then dyes a new color into the fabric.

I also used an ink from Ribbonsmyth and a sponge dauber to age the look of this screened printed image (dye on linen).

This is grey deColourant pulled onto black cotton fabric.

This image first had a yellowish deColourant screened across the black fabric and then had a gold paint screen across it with a second thermofax screen.

This brownish/purplish hand dyed fabric had deColoraunt Plus pulled through a thermofax screen.  Then the fabric was ironed (between several layers of fabric at a high temperature. The heat actives the process.

This main or darkest image (by my son) was created by silk screening with dye, then I screen printed with paint through a thermofax screen and finally filled in the background with Tsukineko inks.

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