I have enjoyed printing on fabric and at the same time I have long avoided transferring images to fabric. I had tried it a number of years ago without success. Typically some part of the image did not transfer well, and I was frustrated with the results.  I had heard about TAP, Transfer Artist Paper for some time now and finally obtained a few sheets with which to experiment.

You select your images and print them on the white side of the tap paper with your inkjet printer.  (The other side of the paper appears to be a pale lavender color.) You trim the paper away from the edges of you image and place it face down on fabric.

You put parchment paper or a silicone release paper under the fabric and over the image to be transferred to the fabric.  Press with a hot iron.  You can peak under the paper to make sure it appears to be done before lifting  the white paper off from the fabric.

You can use any type of fabric that can withstand the heat.  The color of the fabric will greatly influence the results.  In this case I used two vintage images and one modern image. Wanting a vintage feel I transferred them  to a tan and cream dyed fabric.  It only took a few seconds to transfer each image fully, and I was delighted with the results.

Besides fabric TAP can be used on other surfaces including paper, wood, glass and metal. You can also paint or draw on the transfer paper or if you prefer paint on the transferred image.  I look forward to much more experimentation with this product.


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