My quilting buddy, Michele, is always making such wonderful dishes.  Some of them I get to try at guild meetings and others I drool over reading her blog and have to make for myself.  Michele’s feta dip is so delicious.  While I don’t know the source of her recipe, I looked online for what seemed to contain the essential ingredients and came up with a comparable recipe at how sweet it is.  And it is wonderful.  I tried it both on crackers and on pita bread.

With the feta spread and pita bread I also served Shakshuka, something I had never heard of before.  I just ran across the recipe in reading blogs.  Found the version I tried at Smitten Kitchen. In the photo it is almost finished, the poached eggs have to go just a bit longer.  I am not sure I am a big fan of poached eggs, but the sauce was incredible.

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