Yesterday I explored a small area of the town of Sanford.  I had been wanting to see an exhibit at the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art gallery and so I took a little road trip.

The Folk Art Gallery in located right downtown Sanford in an area of older buildings which are being renovated and repurposed.

I loved how on the front of the gallery there are numerous miscellanae pressed into the cement of the walls.

The gallery has a front larger display room with an exhibit space immediately behind the main room. Then there are rooms arranged around the larger rooms in which individual artist works are displayed. While I spent quite a bit of time there I am sure that I only could take in a portion of what was there.

The current exhibit (only three days left) is Raw Edges with fiber artists Allison Stillwell and Midge Baudouin.

As you can see in the above photos the exhibit included quilts, furniture covered with hand printed fabric, and heads; with themes ranging from whimsical or humorous to serious. I enjoyed the moods and themes of the work as much as the intense colors and handprinted fabrics used. It made me want to run right home and start playing with fabrics and dyes.

The area of Sanford that I visited is within a few blocks of the Marina.

I was impressed with the work done on the exteriors of some of the older buildings.

And I was surprised with the number of creative places springing up.  There was the Princess Theater that looks so quaint and magical on the outside. There was a beading studio…

….several pottery related shops and studios, a framing shop and a private studio all within a short distance of each other.

I was really curious about the private studio with quirky things in the window and I wished I could see beyond the old screen doors used as backdrops in the window.

And this last photo seems like the right one to END my post on. Pun intended.

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