I dyed two yards of cotton broadcloth with Liquid MX Reactive Dye. One of my challenges is that all the directions I located contradicted each other or offered alternative methods.  Another challenge was that I tried to use stencils which were not very effective for mark making.  I ended up doing a combination of stencils and painting dye with a large brush. It took longer to prepare the dyes, and I ended up working in the dark just outside my garage.

This is the two yard piece of fabric before it was steamed.

The close ups show the variation in colors and marks. After steaming the fabric, there was a lot of dye lost in the rinsing process, though the final results is a piece of fabric with rich colors.  It is something that I will be able to cut up and use. This afternoon I started printing a number of thermofax stencils to use the next time around.

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