The “Florida in Fabric; Wish You Were Here” exhibit is being held in conjunction with “Yvonne Porcella: Quilt Selections 1986-2012.” Members of the regional pod of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA ) along with other members of the public attended the tour of the exhibit with internationally known artist, Yvonne Porcella. It was through my SAQA participation that I learned of this unique opportunity at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts. Yvonne is the founder of  SAQA and she attended our pod meeting after the tour, where she continued to tell stories and offer many useful tips.

Yvonne led the tour through the gallery stopping by each of her quilts and giving us information about how it was made, what was on her mind and amusing anecdotes.

Having samples from various times helped illustrate the development of Yvonne’s fiber art.

The four pieces above are:

Mariah (top left)

Monte (top right)

Brenda (bottom left)

Theodora (bottom right)

Dick and Jane

 The individual pieces in the above series are:

Paris View

Lou and Who

Two + Two



For a little more of her work try this You Tube video.

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