I really wanted to dye fabric today.  But at 91 degrees I could not face working in the garage or outside next to the garage.  So I decided to play around indoors in the air conditioning with my Gelli Arts printing plate and some paints. I had not used the gel plate before, but I had just finished watching a video that Lynn Krawczyk had done for Stitched online Workshops. I tried three different paints to see which had the best consistency. Dye-Na-Flow was too runny to use with the gel plate or the thermofax screen while Lumiere fabric paints by Jacquard worked with both. I also successfully used Plaid Simply Screen screen printing paint, but you have to wash it off the gel plate or the thermofax screen really fast.

I used the gel plate to lay down a layer of paint on pieces of fabric which I had previously dyed. I was not very excited about the results, but I recalled Lynn’s words about that providing a base for which you could then use thermofax screens. I pulled out about a dozen of the screens that I had prepare recently and added one or to more layers to each piece of fabric.  Even in the case of the fabric that may end up back in the dye pot, I think the results are interesting. Some of the results are as follows:

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