Science Fair meets Electronic Music meets Cyberpunk meets Art.  What can I say. Here is a taste of the Mini Maker Faire held in Orlando on May 26th. Where I am able I give credit.  Unfortunately I am not always able to identify some of the great people responsible for the following wonders.

Southern R2 Builders Group

Lyman Robotics


Kissimmee Park Observatory


Kens Art, Ken Swallow, Recycle Artist

Robots are Awsome

Robots, Rayguns and Spaceships you will Covet

Sarah Thee Campagna

Creating Good Works

Shannon McCalley

Adventuring Company

David Hyde

Fireblade Comics

Lynne Burnett

To top it all off went to lunch at White Wolf Cafe where the view is as interesting as the food is tasty.  Then on the drive home on Park Avenue in Winter Park I came face to face with Carrot Top.  It was him, I knew it was, and he knew I knew it. What a day.

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