I felt like doing something different.  Yes, I have several other unfinished projects calling me, but I wanted to do something else.  Last fall I had tried transferring some of my images to silk organza after seeing an article, “Stitch and Paint on Canvas” by Jeannie Palmer Moore in the October/November 2009 Quilting Arts. Yes, I did just type 2009.  OK, I am behind on reading my quilting magazines too.  But anyway I mistakenly used fabric extender instead of gel medium and my images did not transfer to the organza and I forgot about that idea, until Jeannie Palmer Moore and Quilting Arts released a video, “Mixed-Media Quilt Art, Creating with Paint, Stitch, and Canvas.”

So I made some drawings on my computer.  I could have made them on paper with markers, crayons or whatever I wanted, but I just felt like using my computer.  The one advantage was that I could take the same flowers and quickly change the backgrounds for variation.  I then made laser printer copies at a local copy shop. I took the flower image copies plus some newsprint, put them under silk organza and pulled some gel medium across them.  I set them aside to dry.

Meanwhile with pencil I drew flower outlines on a piece of canvas and then with black thread stitched the outlines.

I used water soluble crayons plus water and a paint brush to fill in the flowers.

Then when the flowers were nearly dry (I am not known for patience) I started to fill in the background.

I cut out shapes from both the newsprint and the drawn flowers from the now dry silk organza with the transferred images and used polymer medium to attach the shapes to the canvas.

I did simple quilting to hold the three quilt layers together.

I am calling this one “Flower Burst.” I loved the process and I believe it will show up again in future projects.

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