Some of the quilts could be categorized as nature quilts.  Diane Harris of Monroe, New Hampshire created “The Narrows.”

“St Marks Wildlife Refuge” is by Barbara Hoagland of Tallahassee. It was awarded a ribbon for Judge’s Recognition.

“The Old Path” is by Mary Rhopa La Cierra of St Augustine.

“Shades of Summer” also by Mary Rhopa La Cierra won a Judge’s Recognition ribbon.

Sue Turnquist of Tifton, Georgia created “Go Ahead, Make My Day!”

Quilts that showed humor or whimsy also caught my attention. Two examples are by Pauline Salzman of Treasure Island. I liked how the background of “Canine Chronicles” (which won an Honorable Mention) had printed stories about the dogs.

“Gorilla of My Dreams”by Pauline Salzman references many well known gorillas.

Sun Bonnet Sue has gone bad. “The Salacious Secrets of Sam and Sue” is by Teddy Pruett of Lake City and it won a Judge’s Recognition. It was created from blocks “donated by friends nationwide.” As Teddy said, Sam and Sue have been very naughty.

Patricia Styring of St. Augustine won a first place ribbon for Other Appliqued Quilts. My whole quilt photo does not do the quilt justice.  But at least from the closeup you can see the quality of the work and whimsy in the design.

Another category of quilt that intriqued me was quilts that were inspired by other pieces of art. “Through the Lens: Viewing the Multiverse” by Kathryn Metzger of Ocala was painted in inks and adapted from a watercolor by Dr. Clifford Pickover.

“Discordant” by Linda Cantrell was inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso.

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